In an age where manufacturing companies come & go with every economic down turn, CLEARION has continued to grow. We have expanded very carefully and diversified our product lines to match the needs of our customers.

Our experience level and track record are major points to become your business partner, however equally important are the technocrats and experts assigned to this specialized field.

At CLEARION we and our people strongly believe success doesn’t just happen. It is always planned. To be successful you most consistently face the challenge of a changing environment.

Knowledge is an ongoing process at CLEARION. We strongly believe that for effective dealing, latest knowledge about the development the field and market is a must. The Company arranges traning programme to update about latest market situation and our product awareness.

When selecting a vendor of equipment, one of the most important aspects to consider is quality of services. When your require spare parts, expert maintenance advice or service repairs, you need a company that can respond quickly.

By relying on proven standard of value, quality and support since 1995, CLEARION is poised for the 21st century with continued leadership in the complete water treatment/management services in order to provide only quality components, systems and technical support, because customer satisfaction is most important for us. In short, if you are involved with any decision related water treatment, be it domestic or for your industry, chances are good that we can help you to improve the quality and efficiency of your process and in turn your life.