Water a universal gift for every form of life we bring the purity back into water. As the water comes into contact with the atmosphere, these compounds react with oxygen and from deposits that can change the water color and create unpleasant tastes. This oxidized material can also cause stains and blockages in industrial equipments. Almost all water sources available today contains impurities like suspended solids, colloidal, Organic matters Color etc. The growing depth of brackish water land has created need for the basic filtration systems to all residential and Industries. These impurities can be removed by installing a Sand Filter or Activated Carbon Filter.

CLEARION proven range of pressure filter has been design effectively solve this problems. These are close filter system and filter material is selected according to the raw water characteristics. Depending on the intended application, our experienced design engineers will also select the additional equipment required including a coagulant dosing system like Alum, air compressors, static air mixers, backwash blowers etc.

To meet your these need CLEARION offer wide range of filtration packages understanding characteristic of various physical impurities are offers with combination of filtration processes like Media and Anthracite filtration with polyelectrolyte and chlorine dosing processes.

The filtration packages are offered in M.S/MSRL/SS 316 and (FRP) Fiber glass reinforced plastic pressure vessels as per client’s requirement. The options available are manual and automatic with MS/SS 316 or extra strong engineering grade plastic pipes depending on applications.