Ozonation of water is accepted worldwide as the most efficient and natural friendly process to purify water.

POWERFUL - 3000 times more powerful than chlorine

SAFE - leaves no by-products, unlike chlorine, which forms Carcinogenic Compounds (THMS) with organic components

PREDICTABLE - More predictable than UV Sterilization

OTHER BENEFITS - The decolorizing and Deodorizing Properties of Ozone Make Water Sparkling Clear

However “ Pure “ the source of water may be , only ozonation can kill bacteria , virus , cysts , algae , fungi and oxidized nitrogenous matter in the water making it sparkling clear. Clear system s sterilizes the inside of the bottle where contact is made with the water : Some ozone , however escapes into the gas phase where it also disinfects the inside of the cap and container , ensures longer shelf life of bottled water , Several hotels , Clubs , resorts and leading mineral brands all over India use Clear Systems , Residual ozone in the water ensure the absence of micro-organisms, Finally , the ozone residue disappears as it decomposes to oxygen, Drinking Ozonater water ensures protection against all water borne disease including jaundice.

CLEARION provide world renowned ozonators for various applications. Ozone is the strongest oxidizer and kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores and water borne contaminants faster than any other purification method.

CLEARION provides both U.V.as well as corona – discharge technology for producing high purity ozone. Ozone being almost pH neutral and as it does not leave any undesirable odour, brings brilliant purity to the water. These ozonators are widely used in bottled water industries, pharmaceutical and various disinfecting applications for high purity water.