Swimming pool & the Spa are subject to constant contamination from foreign matters brought in by swimmers, wind & the article used in & around the pool. Such contamination includes dirt, organic matter, bacteria, algae, mineral residue from chemicals, leaves & other debris. Human waste like hair, mucus, urine & dead skins are rinsed off from swimmers. All these can invite a lot of health hazards. A properly maintained pool is one that it visually & biologically cleans. Chlorine contains, pH value & alkalinity levels should be maintained. Filtration, disinfection, oxidation & super chlorination is recommended.

Commercial and municipal swimming pools need trouble-free and long-lasting filtration system the virtually eliminate down time and maintenance troubles. CLEARION understands this and offers high quality swimming pool filtration systems that are engineered with the customer in mind.

Our advanced Swimming Pool Filtration Systems are custom designed and built to fit each individual application. Swimming pools are common to universities, public and private school, hotels, bungalows, club and soon…