All water supplies contain dissolved impurities. Many manufacturing and other critical application require highly purified water. The Water free from any mineral is called D.M. Water. Naturally occurring water has various salts in dilute from which are called dissolved solids. When the water having such mineral is required to be free from this, it is to be treated in Ion Exchange Resin columns. (Cation and Anion) The raw water is passed through the cation Resins column (H + Form) which converts all ionized salts to the equivalent acids. Nov the acidic water is passed through Anion Resin column (OH + form) which absorbs acids and water thus available is Demineraliser water.

When the Resins are exhausted the cation resin column in regenerated with HCI and Anion Resin column in by NaOH solution. After regeneration now the plant will be in a position to give D.M. Water up to next regeneration.

CLEARION offers package D.M water System in dual column with or without Degasification system and also small trolley mounted units for small industrial as well as laboratory application.

The company offers standard package units for small flow rate and turnkey custom built plant for large flow rate with various regeneration techniques such as co-current, counter current, packed bed,

Through- fare etc. to achieve optimum performance.